Press Releases Still Work

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Weekly Blog Posts

I’ve read recently local news at 6:00 is dying. I’ve read most folks turn to Twitter or other social media outlets and online sources for their news. To an extent, this is probably true. However, an old-fashioned press release still has a place in the ever expanding world of public relations. According to, a press release is, “a public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments.” With this definition in mind, clearly a press release is a valuable tool.

Here are some advantages to writing an effective press release: 1. Boost company/agency exposure to the general public: There are few better ways to get your company name out then for it to appear on the news or in the local newspaper. Most local news stations and newspapers have twitter feeds and Facebook pages that include links to their stories ran on the air.
2. Effective press releases have wings: This website says the majority of major network news comes from local media affiliates. Indeed, a company can start at the local level, only to see their product/news reach far and wide to all parts of the globe.
3. Some potential investors are old school: Investors and potential company clientele read newspapers and watch morning news on a daily basis. If your press release reaches even one of these investors, hasn’t it been worth the time and effort?

Effective press releases are nothing to be scoffed at or pushed to the back burner. Agencies should appoint press release writers and constantly share company developments with the local news mediums.

I may be off my rocker, but I doubt it.

Thanks for reading,




  1. lstum27 says:

    Levi, I really enjoyed reading your article. You put your own character into the post. It can be hard at times to show your own personality into writing but I think you exceed well with doing so. I also noticed how you ended your blog post with the title of your blog page. This make me remember whose post I was reading and again gives your own humor. Great Job!

    Liz Stum

    • Thanks for reading. I suppose my closing could also be perceived as arrogant too, huh? I don’t know a lot about press releases so I definitely could be off my rocker on this one.

  2. vinnie20 says:

    I too enjoy reading your Blogs they put a new prospective on thing and you put yourself into it and you know what I noticed is that press release are not that hard to do they are very easy to do all you need something to do them for two thumbs up.

  3. manninghmorgan says:

    You’re not arrogant in your closing at all, Levi. I live by three rules in life: 1. Always look cool 2. Never get lost 3. If you get lost, look cool. In the absence of knowledge you can’t let anybody actually know you’re “off your rocker” so keep on truckin’. Also, your third tip is huge. There are a ton of people who still like the old school methods of doing things and it’s important to reach out to them as well. I’m more likely to notice a flyer on a pole than I am an online advertisement.

  4. It was a good post Levi! No arrogance, just pure logic. Keep it up!

  5. cam9255 says:

    Great blog and I agree Twitter and Facebook and other social media cites have kind of dominated the way people get their news today. I do believe that press release are still an effective way to reach people today especially older generations that do not have Twitter and Facebook.

  6. necelynn says:

    Good job. using media is very important and very helpful in pr. without it there is no “us”. lol but really it is true. press is good for us and our clients.

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