Code of Ethics

Levi Seymour’s Code of Ethics

6633 SR 159, Terre Haute, IN 47802

(812) 240-5113

The words contained in this document provide ethical and moral guidance in my everyday life both personal and professional. A potential employer must genuinely adhere to these values as a model of their organization. Below are the five key tenants of my workplace expectations with an example of how potential employers should utilize them.

  • Respect: employers treating employees with dignity and professionalism.
    • Treating employees the way they would want to be treated in return
    • Taking strides to never intentionally embarrass employees in front of colleagues


  • Loyalty:  standing beside and supporting employees during times of struggle
    • Having an employee’s best interests in mind while making decisions
    • Invoking a sense of trust among the workers to boost organizational morale
    • Taking every step possible to avoid layoffs and non-warranted terminations


  • Integrity: conducting oneself in an honorable and honest way when nobody is watching
    • Conducting organizational business in an honest and noble manner
    • Never cheating employees out of earned wages, raises, stipends, or promotions
    • Having an open door policy with employees when conflict arises


  • Enthusiasm: being excited to come to work everyday
    • Encouraging unity among every employee
    • Providing organization members with adequate equipment and resources to effectively complete the requirements of the job
    • Constantly looking for new ways to enhance the on-the-job mood and optimism


  • Adaptable: always motivated to further education in the field of work and able to make necessary changes
    • In tune with the ever changing technological and modern landscape
    • Always considering progressive means to provide superior customer service
    • Creative ways to maintain organizational training and knowledge

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