Evaluating PR Campaigns

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Weekly Blog Posts

The effective evaluation and measurement of a Public Relations campaign is of the utmost importance. In short, the most important reason to evaluate a campaign is to determine a company’s profit; or return of investment. The bottom line is to make money. However, there are other reasons as well. According to http://www.impactpr.net/evaluating-pr-marketing-campaigns/, evaluations are performed to determine accountability, determine outcomes, and comply with external standards, among other things. 

An effective evaluation is not the only important campaign tool. Measurement in PR is determining if the goals were achieved, rather than only measuring success. Measurement solidifies the importance of goals in a PR campaign. If there are no goals to strive for, then the entire campaign might as well be for not. 

Right now, I am involved in a PR campaign for The Caring Community Foundation. Our goals are to raise awareness for the organization and provide a successful fundraiser; one that benefits both the foundation and the community. Visit here for how you can be involved in both. 

Thanks for reading, Levi.



  1. vinnie20 says:

    Very cool you used your blog to advertise for your PR are campaign I should of done that.

  2. cam9255 says:

    I agree it seems very important to evaluate campaigns or a corporation could be wasting their time and money. They need to evaluate their campaign to determine if they are getting something back on their investment.

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