Get on the Pacers Bandwagon

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Weekly Blog Posts

Did anybody watch the Pacers this past week? I understand if you didn’t, as they were on a four game west coast swing with stops in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Guess what, they won all four in convincing fashion. (Save the three point win in LA last night.) 

These Pacers are good, with a chance to be really good. At 48-27, they’re fighting the New York Knicks for second seed in the east that could potentially set up an eastern conference finals showdown with the Miami Heat. Nobody would expect a win; I’m not sure I would myself. 

My point is, I’ve had more fun watching the ’12-’13 Pacers than I have at any time since the 2000 team’s run to the NBA Finals. Roy Hibbert is a softy, but still a brute in the post. Paul George is a budding superstar; long and a capable defender, George Hill and Lance Stephenson command the backcourt, and David West solidifies the Pacers’ physical presence. I’m not saying they will beat the Heat in a seven game series, but I think it will be the toughest match-up they could face.

Only seven games remain, so if you’re and Indiana basketball fan, take notice and turn on Fox Sports Midwest when the Blue and Yellow Menace play. They’re going to be a factor in the playoffs, and hopefully offer the City of Indianapolis a run at another championship. 

I may be off my rocker, but I doubt it. 

Thanks for reading,





  1. vinnie20 says:

    I did not see it really sounded good though like a really intense game and I cannot believe that they really fighting for second seed I was once a Bulls fan but the old bulls fan from the 90’s but know Noah really stinks no one is really good anymore but the Pacers are getting up there.

  2. lstum27 says:

    I always enjoy reading what you post on your blog. Its interesting and topics that keep me updated. Although I have not watched the Pacers in recent years, I do know many friends who have been cheering them on the past few years. Makes me very excited that this team is coming back and could be in another championship. If so, lets hope the city of Indianapolis begins to cheer them on a little more.

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