A Bit About Levi

I am Levi Seymour, a follower of the Lord, soon to be husband to Erica, and an aspiring firefighter. I adhere to the 3 F’s of life: Faith, Family, and the Fire Service. I am a recent graduate of Indiana State University and will be getting married and relocating to Indianapolis, IN in the very near future. I am merely 22 years young and am excited for what lies ahead of me and my future family.

I am most passionate about my faith and family, but the fire service comes in a close third. I joined the profession in October 2009, as a volunteer, and was hired as a paid-standby firefighter in Zionsville, IN in November 2012. My ultimate goal is to become a career firefighter for the Indianapolis Fire Department; though only the good Lord has control of that. I am new to the blogoshere and will mainly blog about the fire service, pop culture, sports, and my life in general. I thank you for taking the time to read what is on my mind.

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I may be off my rocker, but I doubt it,


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