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Posted: April 21, 2013 in Weekly Blog Posts

My enrollment in Communications 269 this semester has been my first exposure to public relations. I am a history major and took this class as an elective, and I must admit, I underestimated to workload of those in public relations. 

I am not pursuing a job in PR, but if I were, I learned a few things:

1. Networking/exposure is EVERYTHING. One doesn’t have to be the most qualified, rather needs to have the most name recognition in order to land a job.

2. Don’t be afraid of technology and social media. I set up a professional Twitter, LinkedIn  and a blog. I plan to continue blogging and to share it on other social media sites such as my Facebook and my personal Twitter.  

3. Don’t be a hermit. If you’re not a people person, you’re not very likely to make it in public relations. Don’t laugh, I ran across some poor attitudes and unapproachable people who expected to make in in this line of work. 

To my last point, Ms. Jennifer Mullen personifies what it means to be a public relations professional. She was up at all hours of the night updating class pages, answered my every inquiry in a timely manner, and prepared her class for the realities of life in PR. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This is my last required blog, but like I said, I plan to continue blogging about fairly relevant items. Time will tell.

I may be off my rocker, but I doubt it.

Thanks for reading,  





  1. Cameron says:

    I also took communications 269 as an elective since I am a criminology major. I also do not plan on pursuing a career in PR or any other communications field, but I feel as though I still learned many things from the class.

  2. cmbessenger says:

    I agree, I feel as though Mullen is what allowed me to get through this class easier. Her positive attitude and willingness to help definately made the class more enjoyable as well.

  3. vinnie20 says:

    I to agree with that fact is Mullen taught us a lot learned how to tweet before i never used to have a tweeter now I am using it ever day and linked In i found people on there that will help me with my aviation career.

  4. lstum27 says:

    Mullen definitely helped us a lot and I think it is great she got us active with social media. It has really helped for when it comes time to look for a real job in the future. I agree that this class I believed would be sort of smooth sailing but the work load is a lot and you must be able to manage your time.

  5. Haha this totally made me laugh. I also have no intentions in the PR industry, but I did take away more than expected. Not sure if I would of cared much for the class if it wasn’t for Mullen as well as the overwhelming amount of personalities in the class.

  6. kolone4 says:

    Great Blog Levi! I agree with everything you shared with us. Social Media has been made into a great tool during these modern times and I plan to continue to use it as well. Remember to always be a professional and to network with other professionals with this new tool.

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