Thoughts on the NCAA Tourney and more..

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Weekly Blog Posts

I’ve filled out a bracket since 7th grade. That’s almost half of my 22 years on planet Earth. I used to think college basketball was the purest sport. I said players worked the hardest and put their heart and soul into every game. However, over the last two to three years I’ve found myself cheating on my beloved college hoops. 

After the Malice at the Palace on November 19, 2004 (that’s from memory), I told myself I’d never be a fan of the NBA again. I remember vividly listening to Mark Boyle and Slick do a play-by-play of Pacers players in the stands throwing punches at spectators. That’s when I turned to the college game in earnest. I remember well Sean May and North Carolina killing in 2005, Joakim Noah and Al Horford leading Florida to back-to-back titles in ’06/’07, Mario Chalmers hitting the game winner over Derrick Rose’s Memphis Tigers in 2008, and Psycho Tyler Hansbrough giving UNC another title in ’09. Heck, my best sports memory thus far was thanks to the college game. The 2010 Final Four in Indianapolis featured the hometown Butler Bulldogs versus mighty Duke. If Gordon Hayward hit this half-court shot at the buzzer… I don’t know what would have happened but it would have been special. That championship game, HIGH in the upper deck of Lucas Oil Stadium, with my grandpa is easily my best memory of live sports. 

Then came 2011, when Butler repeated and shot about 16% in the title game while scoring 41 points and losing to UCONN. Then last year, the dirty Wildcats of Kentucky led by the oft-shady John Calipari won the title. That punctuated the problem. I can’t keep up. That whole Kentucky team is in the pros, and they were freshmen!

Anymore, I can’t keep who is who straight in the college game. I know the Big Ten is stacked, physical, and mired in 43-40 final scores a lot of the time. I know the ACC and the Big East is getting restructured, and I know there are still athletes taking the one-and-done route to the greener pastures and larger paychecks of the NBA. The college game just doesn’t seem as pure to me anymore. 

As it stands currently: I’m more locked in to the NBA. I never thought I’d say it. The Pacers are back to relevancy, Lebron James and the Heat are perhaps the greatest team ever, and the Thunder and Spurs in the west are going to be the ones to put an end to it. As for the 2013 NCAA bracket, there are a bunch of schools I’ve never heard of playing major teams I don’t know much about. So yeah, I’ll pay $5 and get in a small pool, but I may have to take a year or two off before I’m back to where I was. 

For the record, I think the Pacers CAN beat the Heat in a 7 game series. 

I may be off my rocker, but I doubt it.

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  1. lstum27 says:

    Although I am not the biggest college or NBA basketball fan, I tend to find myself watching only when it is teams who are local. I am the same way, I was huge into basketball when Butler was in the run for the final game. Just as you said, recently I haven’t been watching because there are so many small unknown teams playing that I do not even feel the need to cheer for them. It is pretty sad that I am sort of a fair weather fan but it is okay to remove yourself from being interested in the tourney.

  2. vinnie20 says:

    I agree with you the sport has turned into a money sport after college they get paid way too much to play a sport I say cops and firefighter should be paid more than any professional sport I think someone with balls need to say no more that is enough and they need to be paid less.

  3. aaronn029 says:

    College sports in my mind are way more entertaining then professional sports. College athletes are actually working for something and push themselves; I wasn’t into college basketball much until this year just because my little cousin plays on #1 in the nation IU. If you watched the Florida Gulf Coast game this past weekend… Wow is all I can say they were so fun to watch, can’t wait to watch them play Florida.

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