Tips for Effective Blogging

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Weekly Blog Posts

By now, it has been well-documented how practical maintaining a blog is. It can offer one free exposure to potential employers and offer an outlet for social media “friends” to get to know the blogger. I believe one’s personality can really be portrayed through a blog. 

Here are a few tips to effective blogging, via Hudson Horizons:

1. Establish Authority: Don’t blog about things you don’t know. Unless it is an open opinion, and you make that clear, you’re making yourself vulnerable to sounding ignorant and uneducated. Nobody likes know-it-all-blogger posting about healthcare based off one Obama interview: 

2. Industry Interaction: Potential bosses will likely give you a closer look if they have read your blog and see you’ve had a previous though or two on what he/she may hire you for. Don’t be shy to post on other blogs and interact with other industry professionals. 

3. Increase Your Traffic: If I have a blog I want people to read, I am sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter. I have a larger presence there, so it makes sense. 

Overall, blogging is new and some people are hesitant to publish. However, with a few tips one can be well on their way to building an effective blog. 

I may be off my rocker, but I doubt it. 

Thanks for reading,





  1. cam9255 says:

    Great blog, I agree a person’s personality can be seen by reading their blog posts. It also gives you insights to what type of writer they are and what interests them. I could see why employers would consider hiring somebody based on their blogs.

  2. vinnie20 says:

    Really awesome blog it really goes into detail on how to blog correctly and how to use a blog I really like how you put a increase your traffic tip it make sense just put it on twitter or facebook so people can read it.

  3. Quick and to the point, which is a little different from your usual style, but good nonetheless. You gave a little different tips than others that I’ve read. I think that you gave it more from the business end of the blogging world rather than just the social aspect and the possibility of having a successful one. Also, I just noticed this, but I like your little tag line at the end of all your blog posts. Gives it a nice little tie in that makes the blog completely yours. Nice job, man.

  4. necelynn says:

    I agree Alice short and sweet. another good point for readers to understand bout what they should do when giving info. that helps alot because alot of readers don’t like to read alot. they want fact here and now.

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